Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Wedding: Card Book

All throughout our engagement, we got cards. Cards came when people found out we got engaged. Cards came with presents throughout the 10 months we were engaged. And of course, we got cards at the wedding. Instead of just throwing them in a box and never looking at them again, I wanted to make something with them that I would look at from time to time. 

I found this pin on Pintrest and changed it slightly to fit my needs. 

I liked the idea of making a book of sorts for all of the cards we got. One weekend when Keegan and I drove to a bigger town (a.k.a. one that has a Michaels and Hobby Lobby,) I grabbed a hole punch and two rings to make my book. Helpful suggestion, the only place we could find the rings was in the embroidery floss section. They're used to keep embroidery floss bobbins together like so: 

 Anyways, first thing I did was arrange the cards in order of size.  

  I then decided where I wanted my holes to be and marked it on the edge of each card. (It's kind of hard to see, but there are two pencil lines on the edges.)  

And then I punched away! (Suggestion: get a strong hole punch. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish this project in one day because some of the 3-fold cards were too thick for our hole punch to get through. Keegan bent it in half trying to punch through them.) 

After you get all of your cards punched, thread them onto your rings and ta-da! A card book that (hopefully) you'll look through more often then if they were just in a box. 

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